Dental Implants in Seymour, TN

Tooth loss can be a struggle for many reasons. For example, you may find it more difficult to chew and enjoy the foods you love. You might also feel embarrassed about gaps in your smile.

The good news is that there are solutions for tooth loss that can help you regain your oral health, smile, and confidence. Dental implants are like having a natural tooth again, and no other tooth-replacement option can offer that benefit.

Dr. Corey and Dr. Haley can guide you through the process from start to finish.

How Dental Implants in Seymour Work

A dental implant is comprised of three main components:

  • The implant: Gently placed into your bone where it integrates with your bone, replaces your tooth root, and provides support and stability for your new tooth.
  • The abutment: Attaches the implant to the crown after the implant is completely healed and ready to support a prosthetic tooth.
  • The porcelain crown: Designed by our dentists to match your teeth, complement your smile, and provide the durability and function of a natural tooth.

Once Dr. Corey or Dr. Haley determines you're a good candidate for dental implants, they work with a trusted oral surgeon next door for dental implant placement, a simple surgical procedure. Then, our dentists in Seymour Dental Associates will monitor your healing process and design a suitable restoration to restore your smile.

The Advantages of Dental Implants

Tooth implants in Seymour provide several benefits to our patients.

  • Protection for your dental health: When you lose a tooth and root, your bone has nothing left to support, and it begins to deteriorate. Neighboring teeth may also start to move and shift into the open space.
  • Versatility: We can use dental implants to replace a single lost tooth or to support dental prosthetics like a bridge or denture, which replaces multiple missing teeth.
  • Longevity: Tooth implants can support your smile for many years with the proper care. In some cases, even for a lifetime.
  • A smart investment: Because of their excellent longevity, dental implants are often a better long-term investment than a restoration that you may need to replace over the years.

If you're struggling with compromised or missing teeth and want to regain your quality of life, Dr. Corey and Dr. Haley would love to discuss the advantages of dental implants.

The first step towards your new smile is to schedule an evaluation with one of our dentists, where they will gather information through x-rays and a thorough examination. They're looking for enough healthy bone to support your dental implant and ensure you're in good overall health. 

Periodontal disease can cause bone loss, making it hard to support a dental implant successfully. However, a bone grafting procedure may be an option to restore bone support.

If you decide to proceed with a dental implant procedure, our team will support and guide you through the entire process. 

Contact Seymour Dental Associates today at (865) 579-3368 to learn more about our services, whether it be about dental implant shapes, procedures, materials, or how dental implants can benefit you. You may also visit our Seymour dental clinic anytime!