Root Canal Treatment in Seymour, TN

girl with sensitive teeth at the dentist chapman hwyThe first question patients who need a root canal ask is, "Will root canal treatment hurt?" And the answer is—no, it will not.

Root canals, or endodontic treatment, have received a bad reputation over the years because of their association with pain. But the truth is, a root canal is a dental procedure that relieves your infected or abscessed tooth pain and saves your natural tooth.

It is the infection that's causing your discomfort and a root canal provides relief.

The Truth About Root Canals in Seymour, TN

A tooth infection is typically caused by trauma or decay that reaches the nerve or pulp of your tooth and causes inflammation or infection that can be pretty painful. This is the kind of pain that keeps you up at night or distracts you from your normal daily activities.

Root canal treatment immediately eliminates the pain because our dentists use the best anesthetics to numb your tooth and the surrounding area. Then, they carefully remove the infected tissue from within your tooth, eliminating your painful infection. Finally, they seal your tooth with a temporary filling and give it time to heal completely.

Once it's healed, you'll return to Seymour Dental Associates to receive a permanent crown or filling that rebuilds your tooth and returns its ability to function as before your tooth infection.

Why Root Canal Treatment Doesn't Hurt

Dr. Corey and Dr. Haley not only use the best local anesthesia but also employ the latest technology for root canal therapy; this includes flexible electric hand tools that complete the procedure quickly and more comfortably for our patients.

For patients with anxiety or who need extra help feeling at ease during their procedure, we also offer nitrous oxide or laughing gas during root canal treatment in Seymour to help you feel more relaxed. Nitrous doesn't leave you with lingering side effects, so you'll be able to drive safely after your procedure.

How to Avoid Root Canals

While accidents or trauma cause some root canal infections, there are other cases in which a root canal could've been avoided.

For example, if you visit your Seymour dentist for your routine teeth cleaning and checkup and diagnose tooth decay early on, they'll likely recommend a dental filling to treat and prevent it from progressing.

However, if your tooth decay goes undiagnosed or untreated, it has the opportunity to move further into your tooth, where it may reach your nerve and cause an infection. Being proactive about visiting your dentist every six months and taking care of any problems detected early on actually helps you avoid more complicated issues with your smile.

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