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Will teeth whitening hurt cavities?

Teeth whitening can aggravate an untreated cavity, causing pain and further damage to your tooth. However, restored areas of decay (provided the restorations are in shape) protect the inner workings of your teeth during the whitening process.

Cavities can be small and unnoticeable, so you must visit your dentist for a checkup before whitening your teeth. Your dentist can treat small cavities before you whiten them to ensure safety and comfort.

Additionally, it’s best to use professional teeth whitening in Seymour, TN, over kits and gels you’ve purchased on your own.

With your dentist, you can count on a safe and comfortable whitening experience. But, unfortunately, the same cannot be said when you proceed independently.

Teeth Whitening with Your Seymour, TN, Dentist

We take accurate impressions of your teeth, create custom trays from these results, and send you home with instructions and prescription whitening gel. With this option, you can whiten while you work at the computer or watch a favorite film. You can also treat your teeth periodically if you notice new tooth stains in the future.

Professional Teeth Whitening Is Always Recommended

To arrange your whitening consultation with our cosmetic dentist or if you have questions, we encourage you to contact a friendly dental staff member today.

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